My Enlightened Delights


To enjoy good health,
to bring true happiness to one’s family,
to bring peace to all,
one must first discipline and control one’s own mind.
If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment,
and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.
— Buddha

The Mindful Diet Day 58

Week 9: Set Yourself up for Continued Success

Day 58: Get others on board.

“Having someone cheering you on and holding you accountable is very empowering—and it can be just as beneficial if you’re the one doing the cheering for someone else,” Blossom says. After all, you have to be a good role model! So, go ahead and rope your family, friends, co-workers, and yoga buddies in to some of your new healthy habits by telling them about what you’re doing and likewise offering them your support and guidance either in person or via email or social media, says Blossom.

Although we have shared our goals over the past 8 weeks, there's something about a like-minded group of motivators that not only helps you stay on track, but inspires you to make the best decisions you can each and every day. First and foremost, I suggest you start by informing your family and closest friends about your newfound mindfulness, then seeking out others around you. 

With technology today, there are so many outlets where you can connect with and motivate others. If you're already on social media, find inspirational and informational accounts to keep you inspired and informed all day long. has plenty of meet ups in all areas where you can meet, connect, and learn from/with other's who share your values. 

One of my favorite "social media" motivators is my personal trainers' online challenge group,
KGK Fit Sisters. I am lucky enough to train with her in person 3 times a week, but she has established a private monthly Facebook group full of inspired women looking for support and guidance. She provides a digital packet with workouts and healthy recipes, tons of videos, and communicates with the group daily. Although it's fitness based, the encouragement and support goes beyond that.  You can join this amazing group of inspirational women at her website:




Jordyn Koedyker